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Industrial IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) is now at the forefront of technology and promises to be a game changer as more and more devices (~50 billion devices by 2020 as forecasted) get connected.Unlike other manufacturing and enterprise software systems e.g. MES, SCADA etc, there are no uniform global definition for IoT and no universally accepted standards for IoT. Thus, there is a large variance in the current IoT offerings in the market starting from simple web based systems talking to conncetd devices via REST APIs to more sophisticated systems.


Our journey in IoT is based on our 7 T framework that clearly articulates the steps to be taken as part of this journey. Our IoT solutions donot rely on the power of cloud alone for analytics, data collection and data storage. We offer a highly decentralised system where the emphasis is on Edge and Fog computing as opposed to Cloud computing. Thus, our solutions can scale both horizontally and vertically and works well even with slower cloud connection and less reliable cloud connection.

Our 7T Framework for IoT Solutions

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