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Why Cognate-Gnosis?


A team with hands-on experience in solution development on a variety of IoT products that include Thingworx, GE PREDIX, Splunk, ELK stack etc. Thus, we take a platform agnostic view when developing an IoT solution.


The team has a rich blend of IT, Consulting, Cloud Computing and OT experience including integration with Industrial Control systems e.g SCADA (iFIX, CiTect, Rockwell, WinCC etc) , PLCs (Rockwell, Siemens, Mitsubishi, GE etc), MES solutions (GE Plant Apps, Siemens Simatic IT etc), Plant Historians e.g OSI-PI, GE, Simatic IT etc. Thus, we understand the overall scope of IoT and what integration means in an IoT landscape.


We offer full consulting services to understand the business drivers behind the decision to implement IoT and accordingly suggest areas of business that would benefit from the IoT implementation. We also offer our customers proof of concept (P.o.C) as a means to get a deeper understanding of the capabilities and benefits of IoT in their businesses.


Our solutions are borne out of research conducted by our team members in leading Australian Universities in relevant field (IoT , AI and Predictive Analytics)


Our IoT solutions go beyond the traditional IoT offerings that connect field systems such as PLCs via OPC Servers and REST APIs and data being showed on web pages as KPIs and dashboards. We do all these and much more.Unlike other systems that use basic machine learning (e.g regression techniques), we use true AI for input processing, anomaly detection, outcome prediction etc. Thus, our solutions remain superior and scale much better even when input conditions change.

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