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IoT & BigData Solutions
for Your Industry

Manufacturing, Mining & Metals

Our IoT solutions for manufacturing, mining and metals can positively impact plant and process operations through the use of predictive analytics for Asset Useful life prediction, real-time Process Anomaly detection, OEE and downtime calculation, energy data integration with AEMO feed, integration of diverse systems etc..

Oil & Gas

In addition to solutions from manufacturing sector, we offer oil & gas specific predictive analytics solutions by interfacing and integrating with Hydrocarbon accounting, RBI & RCM systems, Emergency Shutdown systems, Corrosion & Erosion Systems etc 

Smart Cities

Our IoT solutions for smart cities are based around smart street lighting, integration of BOM data feed with water utilities, garbage bin collection, smart control of irrigation for council parks and gardens and several other applications including real-time congestion monitoring etc.

Energy & Utilities

For water industry, we can offer innovative solutions around pumping station failure, leakage detection etc. For the energy industry like electricity we offer solutions around asset reliability predictions for transformers, wires 7 pole etc together with demand forecasting, identifying phase imbalances etc.

Transportation & Rolling Stock

Our IoT solutions for transportation and rolling stock uses on board edge computers to log critical engine related information in trucks/cars which could be used with ambient environment data to maximise the haulage efficiency and truck life and reduce driver fatigue.The rolling stock module predicts carriage door lives, HVAC useful life etc.

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