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IoT Solutions using Connected Knowledge

In a typical industrial operation, data generated is  stored in information silos e.g, PLC, SCADA , Data Historian, Asset Maintenance System, ERP etc. Due to limited information exchange amongst these silos, any business decision taken is not 100% data driven but perception based.We at Cognate-Gnosis challenge this approach and offer a Unified Connected solution that bridges these silos.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Industrial IoT Solutions

Are you contemplating IoT but unsure of its value, suitability, ROI and/or how it stacks up against SCADA - Historian?Call us to discuss and we can guide you in establishing whether IoT is the way to go for you and its benefits over conventional solutions.

Predictive Analytics

If past asset related data is available that contains both good and bad outcomes,  our AI based Predictive Analytics might discover patterns in that data which could then be used for outcome prediction, anomaly detection etc.

IoT & BigData Consulting

If you are thinking of IoT but unsure of the value proposition or have large amounts of Data and would like to take advantage of that information, we can assist you in this journey through our consulting services.

MES Consulting

We offer GE Plant Apps and EBASE Xi and TACTIC based MES / Workflow products and solutions to meet the demands of manufacturing industries for track and trace, waste reduction, efficiency increase and to form a bridge between ERP and Shop Floor SCADA.


Want to get your staff trained on specific brands of SCADA, PLC or IoT in general or Machine Learning? We offer courses that are delivered on-site or from our Melbourne City Office

Network Security Audit

Increased Data Collection along-with Data Exchange across systems and use of mobile & internet devices put additional stress on Network Security.We assist you in ruggedising your network through system audits.

Our 7T Framework

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Ready to find out more?

We are keen to hear from you about your IoT journey. Contact us to discuss further with our experienced consultants.

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